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All Over Sublimation Printing

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All Over Sublimation Printing

AMBRO Manufacturing is a premier provider of All Over Sublimation Printing.  Specializing in over sized often called JUMBO Screen Printing, AMBRO Manufacturing also leverages custom dye sublimation technology to produce wide and long prints on standard garments.

All Over Sublimation Printing

The process of All Over Sublimation Printing can be accomplished through the use of two very different garment decorating technologies.  Both have been around for a while and offer advantages and disadvantages on different garments and types of fabrics.

Using wide silk screens, AMBRO Manufacturing offers all over shirt screen printing using traditional screen printing inks.  Our custom presses are designed to reach all over the front or back of a T-Shirt, on the sleeves, the neck, and in some cases a partial wrap around.  Our specialty is seam to seam printing and have produced amazing designs for our customers.

Another technology used for all over t shirt printing is All Over Sublimation Printing.  Sublimation printing requires specialized digital wide format printing equipment, sublimation inks, design know how and large industrial heat presses.

Unlike screen printing where inks are applied on top of fabrics, custom dye sublimation involves the use of dyes that are fused into the fibers that create the designs.  These special sublimation inks/dyes are capable of producing brilliant colors and fine details, including photos.

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