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All Over Print T Shirts

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All Over Print T Shirts

As a garment, textile and fabric decorating company with 3 decades of experience, AMBRO Manufacturing provides high quality All Over Print T Shirts capabilities to all of our customers. 

Other screen printing companies define "Jumbo Screen Printing" or "All Over Print T Shirts" as printing slightly larger than the traditional 14" x 16" print area.  AMBRO Manufacturing defines it in it's purest sense.  We screen print or use custom dye sublimation to cover the entire surface area of a shirt.  This means seam to seam, neck to waist and all over the arms.

All Over Print T Shirts

If you are interested in an All Over Print T Shirts project, we would like to speak with you.  There are nuances to every project and some limitations that are unavoidable.  For example, while partial wrap around prints are possible, full 360 degree printing on T-Shirts that have already been sewn are challenging.

Depending on the type of print, fabric and use of garment are involved in the project, specific All Over Print T Shirts may need to be used to successfully complete your project.

We have found that communicating extensively with our clients before we begin the project is essential to having project success.  Since each All Over Print T Shirts project is completely custom, no two jobs are the same.

The success of wide format screen printing is in the artwork.  When designing your art, keep in mind that All Over Print T Shirts don't have to be completely covered in ink to have an effect of a jumbo sized print.  It's not the amount of ink or dye used, it's the size of the artwork being printed. 

Working with an expert garment decorator at AMBRO Manufacturing is a first step to getting your project completed.  If you are interested in an All Over Print T Shirts project, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.