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Sublimation Printing Fabric

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Sublimation Printing Fabric

The process of Sublimation Printing Fabric has been around since the early 1990's.  It lost popularity because nobody wanted to wear polyester clothing and custom dye sublimation doesn't work without polyester fabrics.  Blends of polyester and other fabrics can work, and polyester family members like Rayon, Nylon, Satin and Spandex will also work, but the more diluted a fabric is away from polyester, the worse the print will look

Sublimation Printing Fabric

When considering a Sublimation Printing Fabric project, you will want to speak with an expert well in advance of investing your time and money.  Sublimation printing typically comes in two different "flavors".  The first type is cut and sew sublimation, the second is post sewn garment sublimation.

In a cut and sew Sublimation Printing Fabric situation, fabric panels are cut to size and then sublimated flat.  They are then sewn into the finished garment.  The result is a spectacular 360 degree print, neck, sleeves, waist etc ...

In a post sewn Sublimation Printing Fabric project, the sublimation printing is done on a garment that has already been finished.  This presents some issues in that folding occurs and some areas can be left blank or white. 

When compared to the cost of a cut and sew Sublimation Printing Fabric project and a post sewn project, the minor issues with folding may be acceptable to the customer.

Not all sublimation printing companies are the same.  Companies like AMBRO Manufacturing have been involved in cut and sew and garment decorating with sublimation, screen printing and embroidery for over 30 years.  Other companies may be new to the process and the results of your project can very greatly.

If you are interested in a Sublimation Printing Fabric project, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.