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All Over Print Shirts

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All Over Print Shirts

You may have seen some pretty cool looking All Over Print Shirts out on the streets.  These shirts usually have graphics in a single color with a faded look going down the side or all over the front of a T-Shirt.  Then multiple colors on top of that.  Sometimes the designs stretch from the neck to the bottom seams.  Sometimes the designs stretch from the sleeve to the sleeve.  Regardless of the design, All Over Print Shirts shirts are impressive.

All Over Print Shirts

There are two printing processes used to create All Over Print Shirts.  The first process is Sublimation Printing.  Sublimation Printing involves the use of specialized dye sublimation inks, polyester fabrics and industrial heat sources.

When using Sublimation Printing for your All Over Print Shirts project, specific requirements need to be met.  Primarily the garment needs to be made from 100% polyester, or a polyester family member, i.e. Rayon, Nylon, Spandex etc ...  The garment must also be white to start.  Then through the use of Sublimation Printing, companies like AMBRO Manufacturing will dye the design work into the fabric itself, creating an All Over Print Shirts look and feel.  Often, Sublimation Printing is done in a cut and sew environment where panels are dye sublimated first and then sewn together into the finished garment, but it is possible to dye sublimate existing garments, primarily t-shirts, even though they are already sewn into a garment.  There are some limitations that you should discuss with a Sublimation Printing expert.

The second method for producing All Over Print Shirts is the use of Oversized Screen Printing often called Jumbo Screen Printing.  Using specialized screen printing equipment designed for large over sized screen printing, companies like AMBRO Manufacturing can produce screen printed designs that cover the entire surface area of a T-Shirt.

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