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All Over Screen Printing

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All Over Screen Printing

AMBRO Manufacturing is a privately held and operated garment, textile and fabric decorating company, located in Flemington, NJ.  Our specialty is All Over Screen Printing.

All Over Screen Printing

There are quite a few screen printers in the industry that promote All Over Screen Printing capabilities.  One of the challenges of deciding which All Over Screen Printing partner is the best, is to define and understand the definition of "all over".

Since the industry itself does not have a standard definition for "all over" it's up to you to decide what is a jumbo or over sized print and what isn't. 

Standard screen printing equipment may enable you to print at 14" x 16" and some larger presses may enable you to print into the 20" x 20" range.  AMBRO Manufacturing boasts a 40" x 40" print area. 

With a print area this large, AMBRO Manufacturing can cover the entire surface area of a T-Shirt with a design.  This includes, seam to seam screen printing, screen printing on the neck and the sleeves of a T-Shirt.

In addition to our oversized All Over Screen Printing area, AMBRO Manufacturing also has an in-house machine shop that enables us to custom tool for virtually any screen size.  What this means to our customers is that there is virtually no limit on how large we can print.

When considering an All Over Screen Printing project, there are some details that you should discuss with your screen printer.  These details include: How many colors can be used, which design elements can be printed where and most importantly, the fact that each size shirt in your order will have to have a separate set of screens.

Unlike traditional screen printing where there may be two sets of screens, one for youth sizes and one for adult sizes, with All Over Screen Printing, you will need a separate screen or screens for each size shirt in your order.

If you are interested inAll Over Screen Printing, please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.