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All Over Print Shirts

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All Over Print Shirts

Creating All Over Print Shirts is done using one of two available methods.  The first method is called Custom Dye Sublimation and the second is called Jumbo Screen Printing or often called All Over Screen Printing.

All Over Print Shirts

Using the first method of Custom Dye Sublimation to create All Over Print Shirts, the designer has two options.  The first option is to engage with a cut and sew provider to cut panels, dye sublimate the panels and then sew them into the finished garment.  This method is preferred as it leaves no blank areas and offers a true seam to seam print.  These types of All Over Print Shirts are often found in retail stores, used for sports jerseys and look very bright, crisp and polished.

Designers also have a lower cost option of creating All Over Print Shirts using custom dye sublimation printing.  This method involves custom dye sublimating an already completed item.  For example a T-Shirt, Pair of Socks, Pillow Case etc … something that was already sewn into the final product can be used for a “post sewn” custom dye sublimation project. 

Using existing garment s for custom dye sublimation can produce amazing results, at a fraction of the cost of cut and sew sublimation, some blank areas may occur as a result of creasing that can’t be avoided in the printing process, but these unique nuances are often “cool” for the consumer and for the designer, a trade off on cost vs. coverage makes this method a good second choice to cut and sew.

The second method of creating All Over Print Shirts is to us e the process of Jumbo Screen Printing or Over Sized Screen Printing.  Using this method to create All Over Print Shirts is often preferred when the color requirements are less than 8 per design and the fabric choice is something other than polyester.

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