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Dye Sublimation Printing Services

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Dye Sublimation Printing Services

AMBRO Manufacturing is a garment, textile and fabric decorating specialist.  With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our specialties include : Jumbo Screen Printing, All Over Shirt Printing, Over Sized Shirt Printing and Dye Sublimation Printing Services.

Dye Sublimation Printing Services

It is important to note that when searching for a Dye Sublimation Printing Services partner that you are aware of the two very different and distinct approaches to custom dye sublimation.

The traditional approach to Dye Sublimation Printing Services is to enter a cut and sew environment where fabric panels are cut, dye sublimated and then sewn together into the final product.  The advantages of this method  include a true 360 degree print, no printing issues near the seams and an amazing almost perfect look and feel.  The downside to this method are the high costs, long turn around times and large minimum order requirements, especially for custom gear.

The newest method of Dye Sublimation Printing Services involves already sewn items.  T-Shirts, Pillow Cases, Hoodies etc … that have already been sewn together can be custom dye sublimated.  As long as the item being decorated can be reasonably flattened, you can sublimate on it.  The upside to this method includes: Very fast turn around time (days vs months), reasonably good results, lower costs and low minimum orders.  The down side is that no garment that has already been sewn together can be placed completely flat for the Dye Sublimation Printing Services process.  As a result, inevitable creasing will occur, and when this happens, there will be blank spots where sublimation dyes can not reach.  These spots typically occur under the arms, near the seams and the shoulder lines.  Using the proper artwork, post sewn garments can look amazing and rival cut and sew sublimation.

If you are interested in Dye Sublimation Printing Services please consider giving us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us.