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Screen Print Blankets

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Screen Print Blankets

Do you go to a lot of football games or Baseball games? If so you should look into getting your own screen printed blankets. When going to a football game or baseball game in the fall and winter it gets pretty chilly out there, so why not keep warm while also showing off your pride for your team and get a screen printed blanket with your team’s logo really large on it.

With screen printed blankets you can get  a blanket as large as 50” X 60” with a logo as large as 38”. Now that is what I call showing off your pride. With a screen printed blanket that large you can see all the fine detail in your logos. Also you will be able to read the name of your team or school from across a football field. Well maybe not that far!

Screen Print Blankets

Whether you are in high school or college or even just on a sports team you can get screen printed blankets for just about anything. You can personalize the blanked with your own logo. You can choose from many different blanket colors and many different ink colors for your logo.

Screen printed blankets are printed with a very large screen that has your logo on it and it is placed on the blanket where someone hand prints your logo onto the blanket in whatever ink colors you choose.

Even if you never use your screen printed blanket at any sports games and just want to use it to get all snuggled up at home on the couch while watching a movie. Whether you use your screen printed blanket at home or at sporting events you know and you team/school knows you are showing your pride for them with your screen printed blanket.

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