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Sublimation Printing Fabric

Sublimation Printing FabrCatherine Schumacher

Sublimation Printing Fabric

Are you tired of getting a fabric printing and eventually having the print crack and fall apart? Why not try sublimation printing? Sublimation printing is a printing process that allows the ink to be printed into the fabric and not on it. This is a very simple technique that is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time. There are many different sublimation printing fabrics that can be used from a t-shirt to leggings and even a sports bra can be sublimated!

Sublimation Printing Fabric

Also there are two different ways you can sublimate fabric. There is cut and sew, which is when a garment is sublimated before it is sewn together and then there is when a garment is sublimated when it’s already sewn together. When trying to figure out what sublimation printing fabric you want to use you need to know that the fabric must be polyester or a polyester treated fabric. The material may also have a high blend of polyester or nylon or spandex which is among the polyester family.

Your sublimation printing fabric may also have a percentage of cotton in it but you need to know that it will not come out as great and it reduces the bright eye popping colors in the end result. But in today’s world there are so many polyester fabrics that there’s no way you can’t find something you like.  With sublimation printing fabric you also must know that for the best quality the fabric must be white. Don’t what your fabric white? Not a problem you can sublimate the fabric any color you’d like from green to black.

So maybe you’re a dance teacher and are looking for new fashionable tops for your girls. You could get a sublimated print sports bra top with your dance team name on it in a bright color or maybe a tie-dyed pink or purple. There is no wrong way to go. You can get whatever design you can come up with and whatever size. You can get the whole thing sublimated or just a design in the front chest area of your shirt. The possibilities with AMBRO Manufacturing are endless.

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