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Embroidered Blankets

Embroidered BlanketsKelly Munzipapa

Embroidered Blankets

Do you have a baby shower coming up? Maybe you want to get the mother a personalized embroidered blanket. Well now you can you can get names embroidered on blankets and even logos. Want to make it personal go for it. However you want to get your embroidered blankets you can. So let’s create some awesome embroidered blankets. You can get someone’s name embroidered on the blankets and maybe add a heart so that person will know how much you really love them.  

Embroidered Blankets

Embroidered blankets are also a great promotional product. Maybe you are doing a cause event like the walk for breast cancer you can get a bunch of embroidered blankets with a pink ribbon to show your support and you can sell them to raise money for the cause. Or maybe you are going to a meet for a cause for ALS or something like that you can get the support logo embroidered onto a blanket and sell them to raise money. However you want to use your embroidered blankets make sure they make a statement.

If you are interested in getting some embroidered blankets we here at AMBRO Manufacturing can help you do that. There is a friendly and knowledgeable staff member that can help you through the whole process of creating your embroidered blankets. If you call us we can get you started right away and we will help you from picking what you wanted embroidered on your embroidered blankets and we can help you pick out fonts and thread colors also. You will have so many options for with embroidered blankets, from blanket choices to fonts and font sizes all the way to what color thread you want your embroidered blankets to be in.

So give us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us and we will get you started with your embroidered blankets today.