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Custom Stadium Blankets

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Custom Stadium Blankets

Are you a sports mom who always ends up freezing her butt off cheering for kids? Or a die heart tail gate pro and looking for that next piece to add to your set up? Or maybe you’re looking for a one of a kind gift for that family member who seems to have every football memorabilia known to man. Look no further. You can get your very own custom stadium blanket! Who wouldn’t want a blanket with a custom design from a loved one?

Custom Stadium Blankets

There are many ways you can put a custom design on your custom stadium blanket. You can just get the corner done or you can get the entire stadium blanket covered in a design. From a picture or a say a business logo to a personal saying or quote you can get anything you choose. If you wanted to take the funny route you could put a gag saying or a funny picture on the custom stadium blanket.  Best yet you have a variety of colors that you can choose to make your blanket, from black to Colombia blue.

These custom stadium blankets are made of sweatshirt like, cotton, fleece material and are great for those cold days when you’re at the football stadium watching your favorite NFL team or College team play. Everyone will stare at you in awe and wonder where you got such an awesome custom stadium blanket. Better yet say you just opened up a business and are trying to get the word out, what better way to get your name out there than to get a custom stadium blanket with your business logo, address and phone number on it. 

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