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Oversized Screen Printing T-shirts

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Oversized Screen Printing T-shirts

Oversized screen printing t-shirts are t-shirts that are printed all over the t-shirt with a design. Oversized screen printing is a seam to seam screen printing process that involves printing from edge to edge of a shirt.  Everyone will be in aw over the very unique and impressive design.

Oversized Screen Printing T-shirts

Oversized screen printing t-shirts begins with the creations of specialized jumbo screens, which are custom built for each job and produced in-house. After the screens are built, our artist converts the artwork on digital film and then transfers them to screens for a UV curing system. Once they are dry, they are mounted onto our printing press and the oversized screen printing can begin. With oversized screen printing your design can go up to the shoulders, to the seams on the side of your shirt and the bottom seams of the shirt. Also if you choose you can always get a design that goes from the front middle of the t-shirt to the middle back of the t-shirt. With traditional screen printing your design space is limited to the middle of the chest area.

There are so many different designs you can come up with for oversized screen printing t-shirts that you can go wrong. Here at AMBRO Manufacturing we not only offer traditional screen printing as well as sublimation and embroidery, but we can also supply you with your oversized screen printing needs. For example say you wanted to have a design on your shirt that goes from the bottom of your t-shirt all the way to the shoulder, with oversized screen printing we can make that possible and you can even get up to eight different color inks.

If you would like more information or would like to make an oversized screen printing t-shirt order please call (908) 806-8337 or email us today.