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Screen Printing Plexiglass

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Screen Printing Plexiglass

The best way to print plexiglass is screen printing. Your standard screen printing tools can be used to screen print plexiglass. When screen printing plexiglass you must give the ink a considerable amount of time to dry so the ink becomes hard and it will maintain the integrity and durability of your print. You also must use specialty inks that are made just for screen printing plexiglass. If you do not use the special screen printing inks made for plexiglass it will take double the amount of time to dry and will not last as long.

Screen Printing Plexiglass

How do you screen print plexiglass you may ask? Well to start you must create an image that you would like screen printed onto your desired piece of plexiglass. Once you have created your image that you would like screen printed onto plexiglass you then will send the image from the computer to a film printer and print out films for your image. There will be a film for each color in your design. Once your films have been printed then they will be taken to be burned into a screen. Once your screens are burned you will then take it to press and screens print your image onto your desired plexiglass. Then you let your image dry to the plexiglass which could take a bit of time. Pretty easy process huh!

Now you may be asking yourself “Where can I get screen printing plexiglass done”? AMBRO Manufacturing is your destination for screen printing plexiglass. We will help you create your images and we will screen print your plexiglass for you.

All you have to do is give us all the small details of how and what you would like done. So give us a call (908) 806-8337 or email us and see what we can do for you and screen printing your plexiglass.