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Online Spirit Wear Fundraiser

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Online Spirit Wear Fundraiser

Are looking to do a fundraiser to raise money for your team? Maybe you do not want to go through all the hassle of handing out paper work then having to gather it all back up and make sure that you have everything correct? At AMBRO Manufacturing we can take you fundraising nightmare turn into a dream come true. We now offer online spirit wear fundraisers. Know can you tell me who would not want to have it all done online? You can also check out what our online stores look like at

Online Spirit Wear Fundraiser

At AMBRO Manufacturing we will take all the hassle away from the fundraising. With online spirit wear fundraising all you have to do is pick out the spirit wear you want to be available on your online spirit wear fundraiser. Once you have selected the spirit wear you want for your online spirit wear fundraiser then you will want to let us know what you want screen printed or embroidered onto the spirit wear you chose. All the decisions are up to you but we will print the whole order for you and we will bag each individual order for you with the person’s name on it. Or you can choose to have your online spirit wear fundraiser items to be shipped to each individual who placed an order.

Once your online spirit wear fundraiser is complete we will then make out a check for your fundraiser and we will send it to you in the amount that you raised.

So if you are interested in doing an online spirit wear fundraising and putting that pen and paper to rest along with all of the hassle, please contact us here at AMBRO Manufacturing at (908) 806-8337 or email us and we would be more than happy to help you out.