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Embossing Services

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Embossing Services

Where can you get embossing services? How does embossing services work? What can I emboss onto? These are all very popular questions about embossing services. We see embossed items almost everywhere we go but we may have never realized that is was called embossing. Most people like the way embossed items look and feel because it is raised off of the item that was embossed. There are actually a lot of items you can emboss as well. And you will learn all about that in this article.

Embossing Services

You may ask how embossing services work, well they work by finding the right place to do the embossing for you. Embossing items is a very interesting process and has many different parts to make it all come together. First this you want to do for your embossing services is to have a die made with the logo that you will be stamping. Dies are usually made of 1 of 3 things and that is Magnesium, Brass, or Copper. The die is used to push letters or designs above the surface of the product you are embossing. Dies are also made in reverse so when you stamp the logo or words they will show up the proper way. This gives the embossing a 3 dimensional effect that will really catch the eye.

Once you have had your die made you will want to choose what you will be having embossed. You can emboss many different things like Business cards, Letterheads, Envelopes, Brochures, Invitations, Certificates (Birth certificates are embossed), Greeting card, wallets and other leather items. Another great way to make the embossed logo really pop out is to use a metallic foil so it will really stand out and yell look at me. When you use Metallic foil on an embossed item it really grabs the detail and brings the whole thing to life.

So if you are looking to get embossing services done email us or call us here at AMBRO Manufacturing at (908) 806-8337.