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Embossed Printing

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Embossed Printing

I’m sure you took one look at embossed printing and asked yourself what in the world that could possibly mean. Well embossed printing is when you use a machine to make an impression on an item. Embossing means you are creating a logo or design that is raised up off the item you are printing on.

With embossing you use an enormous amount of pressure and very high heat and apply it to your plate with your image or design on it. if you have been searching for someone that offers embossed printing look no further, here at AMBRO Manufacturing we not only offer screen printing and embroidery but we also offer embossed printing.

Embossed Printing

We can help you create something unique and beautiful for your embossed printing. Whether you need embossed printing for wedding invitations or maybe a new look for your restaurant menu, with over 30 years’ experience, AMBRO Manufacturing is here to help you. We are located in Flemington, NJ and with the proper tools and information we can supply you with the best embossed printing out there.

All of our printing processes are done in house which gives us control over everything from the ordering of your items, to the quality, and the delivery times. We strive to give you everything that you want with your embossed printing as well as with the other printing processes we offer.

If you are interested in more information concerning embossed printing or if you would like to place an order today for embossed printing you can email us or call us at 908-806-8337 Monday-Friday 9AM to 5PM. Or if you live in the area you are more than welcome to stop by, someone is always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have about embossed printing. So what are you waiting for?