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Relabeling T Shirts Service

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Relabeling T Shirts Service

Starting your own clothing line is becoming more and more popular among people today. Having a little side business, making clothes, and finding the right group to sell them to. If this is any interest to you then continue reading on about relabeling t shirt services.

Relabeling T Shirts Service

AMBRO Manufacturing can provide you with relabeling t shirt services. If you don’t know what this kind of service is I can tell you. You would want to buy a t shirt with a removable tag. Then you would need to provide us with the new label with your logo and all the correct specifications on the size of the shirts, and how to clean them, just the same as what is in a normal t shirt tag but with your own logo on it. We would need a label for each of the sizes that you would want to have made. Next we then will rip out the old tag and screen print the new one on. If you don’t have a shirt that the tag can be ripped out from and they are printed on we can print a black or the same color block over top the existing tag and then print your label over top that. There are many ways we can make your shirts seem like they came from your direct company.

You can have any number of color inks for your relabeling t shirts but most labels are one or two colors. The labels have to be small inside the back of the t shirt so you would want any important information to be clearly legible. When you are ready to start your own clothing line or have one in the works come to us to print your t shirt labels and make it official. You can email us or give us a call at (908) 806 8337.

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