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Custom Stadium Seat Fundraiser

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Custom Stadium Seat Fundraiser

When it comes to fundraising it can be difficult to come up with new things to sell to raise money. Maybe you want to just add more to what you are selling already. With custom stadium seat fundraisers you can make a pretty nice profit off of them. Custom stadium seats are easy to make and do not cost a lot so it’s more saving for you and you can mark them up.

When it comes to fundraisers AMBRO Manufacturing can help you out. We want to help you raise the money you need and to help you also supply some awesome stuff for everyone that you are selling to. You do not have to be scared to ask AMBRO Manufacturing for help. We help out all of our customers and 90% of our orders that come through the doors are fundraisers. You can even open up an online store fundraiser. And you can sell custom stadium seat fundraisers on there.

You will love selling custom stadium seats because people will love being able to sit on something other than those hard metal bleachers. Especially in the colder month it really stinks to sit on those freezing cold metal bleachers, but you no longer will have to do that when you get custom stadium seat fundraisers in your school store today.

AMBRO Manufacturing will help you out with everything. The only thing you have to do is tell us what style, color, and what image you would like your custom stadium seats to be. We leave the actual designing of the seat up to you and the printing up to us.

So if you are interested in starting a custom stadium seat fundraiser give us a call here at AMBRO Manufacturing at (908) 806-8337 or reach out to us via email

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