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Wholesale Novelty Passports

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Wholesale Novelty Passports

Are you looking for something creative and interactive for you next big event?  Are you hosting a trade show and you want to provide some sort of activity for attendees?  Are you responsible for coming up with an activity to inspire positive educational progress?  If you’ve been having trouble finding the answer to these questions, then you should consider wholesale novelty passports.  Wholesale novelty passports are a great option for someone who wants to create a fun way to track the day’s events and a lasting souvenir for when it’s over.

Wholesale Novelty Passports

You might be wondering, ‘What’s a novelty passport?” if you’ve never heard of one before.  Quite simply, novelty passports are imitation passport books that can be customized for special events.  They are constructed to have the look and feel of a real passport, but they cannot and should not be used for official purposes.  Instead, wholesale novelty passports are intended as motivational or inspirational tools.  At a trade show you can distribute custom wholesale novelty passports to the people and they can use them to keep track of the different booths they’ve visited throughout the day.  Just like with the real thing, novelty passport books can be stamped or stickered to prove that you have visited that station.  You can also employ novelty passports for use as progress marking tools for students.  They will be able to receive marks in their passport as they accomplish pre-determined tasks or receive exemplary grades.

Getting your wholesale novelty passports customized means that you can enhance your next group activity by creating unique souvenirs.  Not only will they make your event extra fun, they will serve as a reminder of all the fun your patrons had for years to come.  If you are interested in acquiring your own novelty passports, you can contact us at AMBRO Manufacturing by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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