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Screen Printed Canvas Tote Bags

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Screen Printed Canvas Tote Bags

The summer season is almost upon us, and you know what that means, beach time. As you make your way to your favorite spot with all your items in toe, you look around and see a lot of people with tote bags to carry all of their accessories they need. You start thinking to yourself, hmmm that’s a good idea, and I should get one. Well, I’m glad you thought of that because I have the perfect answer to your problem. You can get a tote bag anywhere, but this is by far the better option and a more fun option. Getting screen printed canvas tote bags.

Screen Printed Canvas Tote Bags

What are screen printed canvas tote bags you ask? I’m glad you inquired. Screen printed canvas tote bags are exactly as it sounds. Tote bags that are of canvas material which we can screen print on. Any design that you have in mind or seen elsewhere we can print. We will make your tote bag the best accessory on the whole beach. The colors will be vibrant and bright with our inks and our process that we use. You can even get a tote bag to match your bathing suit, if you really wanted to.

Before you run off, there are a few other small things you should know about getting a screen printed tote bag. You can have your design be multiple colors but that is more costly since the price is determined by how many colors. Also there is a limit as to how big the design actually is based on how the tote bag is made.  AMBRO Manufacturing is a specialty fabric printer and will work with you to get your custom tote bags just right.

Now that you know a little bit about screen printed tote bags you can get started and be ready for the many beach trips this summer. You can give us a call or email us at (908) 806 8337.

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