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Foil and Rhinestones

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Foil and Rhinestones

Mixed Media is the new big thing in the garment world and everyone wants to find a printer who can accomplish all different types of mixed media printing. You can do several different types of mixed media like screen printing and foil, sublimation and vinyl, and the newest is foil and rhinestones. Not too many printers have the capabilities to do both foil and rhinestones so when you find one make sure to keep them around.

Foil and Rhinestones

When looking for a printer to do foil and rhinestones make sure you find a printer that can do much more than that. Once you find a printer that is up to date with what is popular in the world of screen printing and embroidery and all other specialty garment printing. AMBRO Manufacturing is always looking for what is new and popular in the screen printing world and we have made many upgrades over the years to be able to accomplish things like foil and rhinestones mixed media.

Once you see how awesome foil and rhinestones looks together you will want to order everything that way. The look of foil and rhinestones together is very classy and stands out and says “look at me.” This type of mixed media would be great for birthday parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, New Year’s parties, really anything you can think of that you would love to add bling to. There are so many different colors to choose from for foil and for rhinestones so your options are truly endless if you choose to do foil and rhinestones. Don’t you think it is time to start jazzing things up and really make your garments shine?

Give us a call here at AMBRO Manufacturing to get more information about foil and rhinestones. We can be reached at (908) 806-8337 or via email.

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