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Foil Printing Services

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Foil Printing Services

Biologically speaking, the human eye is drawn to flashing light.  As humans, our brains evolved to notice flashing light as way to alert us to things in our environment worth noticing.  It helps keep us safe because it snaps us out of what we were doing to make us aware of something important.  This exact reason is why hazard lights flash and why blinking lights announce the opening of big events.  Knowing all this means that as a designer, you can capitalize on our human nature to bring attention to your artwork.  If you are a custom garment decorator, you can use foil printing services to jazz up your designs and have heads turning to see your pieces.

Foil Printing Services

You cannot deny the appeal of a top quality, custom foil printed garment.  It just oozes luxury because of the shiny metallic design.  You can opt for the classic colors like silver or gold foil, but there are other options too.  You can pick from a number of different color foils in the rainbow, or even pick rainbow foil if you want them all!  At AMBRO Manufacturing, we can offer you our foil printing services for your custom garments.  The process is quite similar to regular screen printing; the foil is applied to an adhesive layer of ink that gets screen printed as though it were a regular ink.  The garment is heat pressed with the foil so that the adhesive binds to the foil and then it is peeled off.  Wherever the adhesive was printed will now be covered in shimmering foil.

With our foil printing services you can choose to go for an only foil design or a mixture of screen printing and foil printing.  Whatever works best for your custom foil printing job, we’re happy to assist you.  You can contact us to place an order, or for additional information, by email or by calling us at (908) 806-8337.

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